"My goal and mission is to be part of creating a society of healthy, empowered and fulfilled individuals"

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What Am I creating?

The purpose & intention

The purpose and intention of my work is to invite you: 

  • To experience a healthier & more meaningful relationship to yourself and others 
  • To leave fear behind & lead a life trusting your inner GPS
  • To claim the ownership of your own life by becoming the observer of your own behavior & patterns
  • To ignite the feeling of aliveness and curiosity within you
  • To live a life of meaning and freedom
My goal and mission is to be part of creating a society of healthy, empowered and fulfilled individuals.

The Perspective Podcast

Who is the voice behind?


Your host is coming to you from the northern parts of Sweden with an intense curiosity to find the answer on what it takes to create a life of health and meaning. What is it that makes the difference in peoples lives?

I believe that true fulfillment comes from being the leader of your own life, of living in alignment with the truth of who you truly are. With that conviction I am here to bring thought-provoking conversations on the topic of health, communication, relationships & entrepreneurship. 

I also believe that one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is the ability to invite new perspective into your life. I believe that perspective invites humility and gratitude for what we got, and it also demands for us to tap into our curiosity. Why are the people around me behaving the way they are, and why am I behaving and reacting in the way that I do?

I am here to bring you perspective – for a society of healthy, empowered and fulfilled individuals.

A message from the audience

Self leadership for the feminine

9 step Online course launching soon: from good girl to liberated woman

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