115. Kyle Cease – Why following the path of the heart will set you free

Today I connect with the New York Times Bestselling author, comedian and transformational speaker Kyle Cease for a conversation about the journey of living a heart-centered and evolving life. How can we learn to love the parts of ourselves that we might be ashamed of? How can we hold space for the patterns within us that just wants to be seen and heard?

This is a conversation about why following the path of the heart will set you free.

Kyle has made more than 100 different TV and movie appearances and has two #1 Comedy Central specials to his credit. Today Kyle brings one of a kind wisdom to sold-out audiences around the world and reaches millions of people online. You might also have heard Kyle on top podcast such as Lewis Howes’s The School of Greatness and Impact Theory where he has shared the arena with names such as Tony Robbins, Michael Beckwith, Brene Brown & Joe Dispenza just to name a few.

Kyle has not only been the first name on my list of dream guests since years back when I first started this show – he has also been a voice and a messenger that has truly been part of changing my inner landscape thru his content online. Connecting with Kyle today is such a proof of alignment in my own personal life and a reminder that everything is truly possible when you lead your life from your heart, with trust and curiosity for what’s possible.

In this conversation you’ll hear us talk about:

  • How can we learn to love the parts of ourselves that we might be ashamed of?
  • Why holding space for the patterns and emotions that are coming up within you is essential for the healing of your inner world
  • The different stages of dealing with triggers in intimate relationships

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