137. Bruce Lipton – Are you living the life you want or the life you’ve been programmed for?

In this weeks episode I sit down with Dr Bruce Lipton for a conversation about how our subconscious programming affects our life in so many different ways and how to change the program that we’ve been given at an early age. 

Bruce began his career as a cell biologist before joining the department of anatomy at the university of Wisconsin´s school of medicin in 1973. 

One of the many things that I find so fascinating with Bruce’s work is the bridging of science and spirituality and the perspective of how change is truly possible. 

Bruce is also known for the best selling book ”The Biology of Belief” where he sets out the idea that our thoughts affects the expression of our genes. 

In this conversation you will hear us talk about: 

  • If 95% of our behavior comes from our subconscious mind, how can we become more aware of our programming? 
  • How can we integrate and reprogram our programming from something destructive to empowering? 
  • What are some of the collective beliefs the we, as a collective, will need to change in order for us as a species to survive? 

Sitting down with Brue for 90 minutes and diving into his world of epigenetics was truly a gift, and I hope that you find this conversation as exiting as it felt being in the conversation with Bruce. 

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